The feelings you invoke





That’s what makes you “Daddy”.

The way you pour over me

Warming me,

Cocooning me,

Petting me,

That’s what makes you

“Daddy Blanket”

The best kind.




And, overwhelmed

Hold me

Console me

Direct me

Protect me,

Don’t scold

Don’t argue

Don’t demand

Don’t disagree

Your fierceness is frightening

When it’s not for me,

Your time

Your attention

Your care

Your affirmation

I need it

I demand it

I crave it,

Pet my head

Hold my hand

Vanquish my dragons,

Tell me to never change

They try to tear me down

They try to deconstruct me

They try to make me assimilate,

You won’t let them get me

You and me always

Against them

Against the world

A delightful handful

A delightful handful

I’ve heard it said,

But is the sentiment

The heart or the head?

Taken apart

The meanings no issue

Taken together well,

Madness ensues.

A delightful handful

Just what is described,


Or just the curve of a thigh.

Might be boobies

Or a nice tight bum

Could be sassiness

Or the wonderful sum

Of your parts

Which make you so you

A delightful handful

In both head and heart.

Better With Time

They say the best things,

like wine and cheese

get better with time

What they don’t say is how long it takes

Nothing about mold growing

Not a peep about periods of toxicity

Not a word about endlessly waiting for transformation

No comment on the impurities that bubble up potential poison,

Nope, all you hear is how time is wonderful

No preparation for the process just jubilation for the outcome.

The best things may well get better with time but only with enough time

No one tells you that you never know when time is enough.

Wanna Play?

Do you want to play
A game with no rules
Play your cards right
There’s no way to lose

Whats your wager honey
Maybe a touch or two
Strip for me baby
I’ll strip for you

Lapdancing and laughter
Don’t take it too fast
we’ve got all night
Lets make this last

High stakes rollin’
That’s the only way to play
Keep your scorecard handy
It’s gonna be a long day

So much ground to cover
From your hair to your heel
This game never ends
All the bases
That’s what I plan to steal

There is no way to lose
When we play like we do
I’m Ready
Set to go
How about you


They call me thirsty when I look your way

Naked longing showing on my face,

They say play it cool

Don’t show that you care

Don’t stare,

But I don’t care what they say

If thirsty is what I need to be I’ll be it

Just look my way,

You’re my water, my nectar, my sustenance

Quench my thirst

Rehydrate me

I’m wilting

Your essence is what I want to drink

Don’t leave me dry

Water me

Let me show you

How satisfying it can be

To be drunk

And to drink

I’ll lick every bead

Not a drop unconsumed

I long to glisten

To glow

To be filled to near overflowing

Swallowing all you share

So give me a drink

I’m thirsty


Fall knows it is not the end

The trees don’t weep in sadness

They don’t let go of their adornment quietly

Our trees go out in a blaze 

A fire of color

Red yellow pale green

Lighting up the horizon 

Bestowing on us a reminder

To not go easily 

Not to let the winds strip you with ease

Your garbs may be threadbare

But you are never naked

Everything needed to survive is within you

So hold fast cloak yourself

Delight in change even as it hurts

Always when you feel transparent

And unappreciated

Then just when you think winter won

And there is nothing left for you

No beauty left in you

The ravages of life threatening to bare you to all

We like trees must get through fall and winter

To return stronger and more vibrant

In spring